Nathan Neisius

Co-curricular activities:
ACS vice-president, Adventure Team, Blue Key member, Phi Eta Sigma member, Supplemental Instructor for Chemistry, Ampersand Ambassador
You’ve done a lot in your time at Emory & Henry in a relatively short time.  What would you say has enabled you to be successful?
I contribute most of my success in the chemistry department to the professors and other chemistry majors. An influential characteristic of Emory & Henry College is inclusiveness, which the chemistry department exemplifies very well. Ever since I declared my major as chemistry, I have had countless support to perform well in and out of the classroom. 
What advice would you give those who are thinking about majoring in chemistry?
Chemistry is similar to a language, it demands a great deal of your time. It is important that you practice course materials routinely in order to get the most out of class. With that being said, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your professor and other classmates. Members of the chemistry department are always willing to help you at any point. 
You’ve completed summer internships at Wake Forest University and Eastman Chemical Company.  Can you tell us a little about those?
The summer of 2017, I was granted the Friends of the Sciences scholarship, where I was able to use to perform research at Wake Forest University. It was great to see the academic aspect and to get an idea of what I would want to pursue in graduate school. I have accepted a summer internship with Eastman Chemical Company for the summer of 2018. I took this opportunity to experience the industrial field, and determine if I would be interested in this field after graduate school. 

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Major: Chemistry with Math minor


Powhatan, VA


Powhatan, VA