Parents & Families

Students from move in day.

Parents & families–you’re a big part of our community too.

We understand that you want to be involved with your student’s experience.  So, below you will find helpful information. 

New (Self Service) Student Portal Information

Thank you for your patience as we have made the move to This change provides one stop to find the information you need for Advising, Financial Aid, Billing, Payment Plans, Grades, Registration, Parent Proxy, Student Employment Information, Housing Information and more!

Important: A student’s portal login is their email login and is set up to allow for single sign-on.

Please help your new student follow the directions for the initial login and portal configuration setup. For current students with login issues, please attempt to reset your password at

For help with portal login, follow the steps outlined here

Parent Proxy Access

Want to see your student’s account or access a bill? Students may allow their parents, guardians, or others access to elements of their student records through (Self Service) by granting them Proxy Access. Proxy must be granted by the student to their designee. (Self-Service)