What’s Next?

You've made a great decision. CONGRATS! Complete Next Steps

Welcome new students and congratulations! We’ve selected you for admission based on your academic achievements, outstanding record of extracurricular activities, and your interest in becoming an important member of our campus.

We’re so pleased that you’ve applied for admission, been accepted and have chosen to attend Emory & Henry. As we welcome you to our campus community, this page details the next steps to finalize your enrollment. After acceptance, pay your $200 enrollment deposit before completing the steps on your enrollment checklist below.

Complete the steps on our enrollment checklist:

  • File FAFSA Now: Finalize Your Financial Aid

    Please make sure to file your FAFSA as soon as possible!

    • If you have not done so, file your FAFSA® (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and use our E&H code: 003709
    • Review your financial aid award letter carefully. Ask questions, if needed. The award is mailed to the home address of your admission application as well as emailed to the address on file when you apply. 
    • Finalize your financial aid and payment options. The financial aid office will provide the next steps in finalizing the financial aid process. For questions, contact ehfinaid@ehc.edu 

    More helpful FAFSA videos

  • Start Here with Student Email Account Creation / Login Assistance

    After you submit your enrollment deposit, an E&H email account is created for you and you’ll receive an email at the address on your admissions application which will include login information. Login information expires after 90 days and you must complete all steps including the challenge questions and one-time passcode options to ensure you can access your account. Check this email frequently for updates.

    IMPORTANT: Follow the detailed instructions here for New Users

    If you have trouble logging in, please ensure that you have registered on the portal at portal.ehc.edu. If a new student has not logged into the portal, and if skipping this step, they will not be able to get to the Access College Software link where the myhub.ehc.edu and other College software is found.

    If registered and you have forgotten your password, go to reset.ehc.edu and click on the “Forgot Password” button.

    Tip: If you are notified that your password has expired, please press the continue button to complete the process. The password you create will now be your password for your E&H email account.

    If you have trouble logging in beyond these steps, email IT Helpdesk at ithelpdesk@ehc.edu, call 276-944-6881 or contact your admissions counselor

  • Submit May AP Tests for Fall Enrollment

    Request AP test scores sent to Emory & Henry College

    On AP test date, designate Emory & Henry College to receive your AP test scores on the answer sheet. Or, send scores from your College Board online account. Scores are typically available in early July from APscore.org.

  • Take the World Language Placement Test

    Take the World Language Placement Test

    Have you ever taken Spanish, French or German? Would you like to test out of the two-semester E&H language requirement? Or, do you feel ready to take intermediate or advanced world language classes? 

    **If you have already completed college-level coursework in a world language, with a grade of C or higher, and are able to submit a transcript, you do not have to complete this test. Or, if you have never taken a world language in high school, you don’t have to take this test.

    You are requested to take a Language Reading/Grammar Test the week before your advising appointment to determine your placement. 

    Emory & Henry College is offering the opportunity for students to earn an international credential with the Global Seal of Biliteracy. Contact Amanda Romjue for more information.

    Step 1: Sign up for the service with your E&H Email Address to create an account. 

    Step 2: Log in with the credentials you used to create the account and complete the placement test of your choice (French, German or Spanish). You will need a stable internet connection and a quiet environment for about 15-30 minutes. 

    Step 3:
    If you place into 102, 201 or above, congratulations! Your next step is to contact a faculty member in the Department of World Languages for assistance.

  • UPDATE: Math Placement Test No Longer Required

    The math placement test is no longer a requirement due to an update to the math curriculum for fall 2023. 

    The Math Department has made changes to decrease the need for math placement. The Math Department is offering a new math course for STEM students for students taking Chem/Bio 100. All sections including Calc I, II and Precalc are offered at the same time. Courses of varying difficulty are available. 

    When you meet your academic advisor for course scheduling, your advisor will place you in the appropriate math course. The following resources are helpful when meeting with the advisor, but not required.

    • AP Exam score(s) from an AP math-related course (not required)
    • SAT and/or ACT official test scores can be provided (not required)


    • Your advisor is available to work with you on course selection. Check your E&H email account for messages from your advisor. A virtual meeting will be scheduled for first-year students the week following your attendance at Summer Experience Day. For transfer/exchange students, your advising appointment is based on your academic area of interest and will be scheduled either the week of July 10-14 or July 17-21.
    • Contact Mathematics Professor Dr. Teena Carroll (ccarroll@ehc.edu) with math placement questions.
    • Contact Registrar Shannon Patterson (spatterson@ehc.edu) with course registration questions. 
  • Sign Up for Summer Experience Day

    Summer Experience Day for Fall 2023 Enrollment: All incoming students join Emory & Henry College for a Summer Experience Day—the new and improved Registration Day program—in June or July. You will meet your advisor, discuss your class schedule, learn about important campus services, and get to know other E&H students. We are offering two virtual sessions. Your Summer Experience Day begins with an opening ceremony and continues throughout the day with a variety of programming opportunities and meetings.

      • May 18 (online)
      • June 1
      • June 22
      • July 6
      • July 13 (online)

    Sign Up for Summer Experience Day

    Fall 2023 Enrollment Move-In and Week of Welcome Orientation August: New student move-In is planned for August (Date TBD ), followed by Week of Welcome programming. During your Week of Welcome, you will get to know the campus — and your future classmates — over four fun-filled, entertaining, and informative days. Classes begin August 19th.

  • Complete Housing Agreement and Forms by June 1

    Submit these required enrollment forms by June 1.

    Please complete the forms by the deadline to ensure the best possible student experience. You need to be logged into your E&H email address account to access these forms. 

    1. HOUSING FORM FOR NEW STUDENTS—Residential students need to complete the Housing Agreement & Residence Life Form
        1. Students requesting to live off-campus as commuters should complete the Off-Campus Housing Application to request to live off-campus. For questions regarding eligibility, contact housing@ehc.edu or your admissions counselor. 
        2. You will find this Housing Agreement when you log on to MyHub and select Student Life at the top of the form. In order to begin your application, you must click the “next” button at the bottom of the form. The tabs on the left will help guide you through the Housing Agreement process. Once you have finished a page and moved to the next, the previous page will be saved with the information provided. Make sure you complete all sections.
        3. Students will be assigned to freshman housing (Hickory, Elm, or Wiley Jackson) 
    2. PROXY ACCESS—Login to portal.ehc.edu and click on Access College Software in the upper right, then choose MyHub. Choose the ‘Students’ tab and then on the left menu ‘Parent Proxy.’ Complete the form and submit it. Proxy access enables a third party to view a student’s account. This does not grant access to the student’s E&H email account. 
      Parent Proxy
    4. VEHICLE REGISTRATION (For students bringing a vehicle to campus: login to portal.ehc.edu and click on Access College Software in the upper right, then choose the MyHub application. Go to the ‘Students’ tab and scroll down to ‘My Vehicle Information’ to complete and submit the form.
      Vehicle Registration
    5. Vehicle Waiver Form (For students choosing to not bring a vehicle to campus, log in to your campus @ehc.edu email to complete the form to ensure vehicle registration charges are removed from your bill.)
    6. Promissory Note Please complete and return this form to Sara Hansen in the Business Office. You may complete it digitally and email it to Sara Hansen at shansen@ehc.edu, or scan and email it or print and complete and mail it to Emory & Henry College, Business Office, Attn: Sara Hansen, P.O. Box 947, Emory, Virginia 24327. Forms will also be available to complete at check-in.

    *Please note there is no longer a requirement to complete the disclosure form as students should complete the Parent Proxy steps. Please follow all steps provided by the Office of Financial Aid.

  • Send Final Transcripts, Medical Form and Other Requirements by July 1

    Submit these required enrollment forms by July 1.

    Please complete the forms by the deadline to ensure the best possible student experience. You need to be logged into your E&H email address account to access these forms.

    1. SEND FINAL TRANSCRIPTS: Send final transcript(s) for high school or for any college coursework you have taken such as Dual Credit/Enrollment to:
      Office of Admission, Emory & Henry College, P.O. Box 947, Emory, VA 24327 (or send immediately after graduation/completion of the course if after July 1)
    2. E&H Immunization Record and Medical Information Form (“MEDICAL FORM,” 6-pages, printed)
      1. Make an appointment with your primary care provider for a physical evaluation and bring this form along for your provider to help complete.
      2. Complete all six pages.
      3. Tetanus booster must be within the past 10 years.
      4. The student needs to sign pages 1, 2 and 6 (or guardian will sign page 6 if the student is under 18).
      5. The provider needs to sign pages 2, 3 and 5.
      6. Once completed, mail your medical form to:
        Office of Admission, Emory & Henry College, P.O. Box 947, Emory, VA 24327
        Or, fax directly: Emory & Henry College, Health Center • Fax: 276-944-6666
    3. See the April 18, 2023-COVID-19 Updated COVID Guidance for 2023-2024 Academic Year

      Are you a recruited varsity athlete?

    2022-2023 student-athlete online form: Complete Student-Athlete Online Forms by July 1 for the fall semester and submit the completed “Medical Form” (above) and other needed information. Contact the athletics office or your coach about other requirements for your team or call 276.944.6233 with any questions. If you have trouble logging in, please contact Melissa Davis at mdavis@ehc.edu.

    *Does not apply to club sport athlete participants.

  • Complete Payment Arrangements by First Day of Classes

    Finalize financial aid and complete payment arrangements by the first day of classes.

    1. All financial aid forms and payments MUST be finalized.
      1. Please complete any remaining items for your financial aid. Contact ehfinaid@ehc.edu for any questions regarding anticipated financial aid. 
    2. Complete payment arrangements or enroll in a tuition payment plan by the first day of classes. Statements will not be mailed.
      1. Complete all of your enrollment forms and financial aid steps to ensure you have the most accurate statement as billing takes into consideration many factors such as your acceptance of financial aid, housing, meal plan, etc. 
    3. Student accounts and billing information are available by logging in under myhub.ehc.edu.
      1. View your statement under the Students Tab which will reflect your current registration, room assignment, meal plan and student fees. Please note the drop-down arrow under the Students tab to access Financial Aid, Student Required Forms and Direct Deposit if needed. 
      2. Students may designate Proxy Access to Parents/Guardians to assist with viewing and paying their account. The student must be the one to set up the payment plan, the proxy access will not allow parents to set up the payment plan.

    4. Payment Plan Options Available: Tuition Payment Plans are available in 5 or 4-month terms with payments starting July 1 or August 1 for fall term plans. Enroll or find out more about a Tuition Payment Plan.

    *Please note there is no longer a requirement to complete an E&H promissory note since we have a tuition payment plan. If students do not complete a tuition payment plan, they elect to pay in full. Please follow all steps provided by the Office of Financial Aid.


New Student Move-In and Week of Welcome Orientation

Dates for fall 2024 new student move-in and Week of Welcome are to be announced. More information can be found on the Orientation web page.