Cost & Financial Aid

One hundred percent of E&H students receive financial aid! At Emory & Henry College, we’re committed to partnering with you to make your college education affordable. Let us help you achieve a quality E&H education!

Our qualified admissions counselors and financial aid staff are available to discuss questions regarding cost and how to pay for college.

Our dedicated staff is committed to helping our students and families get to the bottom line to afford a quality education. 

Performance and Interest Scholarships

Additional E&H Financial Aid

2023-2024 Direct Costs

The costs shown below do not reflect any financial aid applied to the total cost of attendance. Emory & Henry College is committed to providing 100% of students with merit scholarships ranging from $9,000-$23,000 per year, renewable for four years. Additional financial aid is available to help support the cost of attendance. To receive a financial aid award and see your cost, apply to the College and complete your FAFSA® (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) with code 003709.

The average undergraduate out-of-pocket cost ranges from $4,000 to $25,000 per year, with an average of $11,000 per year (based on FAFSA information).

Tuition Per Year* $34,500
Room Cost** $7,200

Meal Plan Cost**


Student Fees**


*This price represents the tuition cost for undergraduate, and full-time students. See the tuition and fees for a detailed listing.
**Total direct charges may vary based on the selected meal plan and residence hall.

The Financial Aid Process

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is available starting October 1 for all students enrolling the following Fall Semester. This application allows you to qualify for federal grants

Enrolling students should complete these steps

  1. Complete and Submit the FAFSA - Priority Deadline March 1 of enrollment year (FAFSA opens October 1 preceding enrollment year)

    • Emory & Henry College Code: 003709
  2. Financial Aid Award Generation or Additional Requested Items

    • If the submission is successful, you will receive notification of an award letter (typically we begin processing information two months after October 1)
    • If we run into any issues with the submission of your FAFSA, you will be contacted immediately requesting additional information
  3. Audition or interview for E&H scholarships

  4. Apply for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant

    • $4,500 for 2022-2023 for Virginia residents. 2023-2024 amount TBD for approval by Virginia General Assembly.
      See Out-of-State Grant for non-Virginia residents.
  5. Look for outside scholarships

    • Many scholarships are available in your community and online. 
  6. Review your Financial Aid Award Letter

    • Take time as a family to review your financial aid award carefully that is provided by the Office of Financial Aid. 
    • Schedule an appointment with your Admissions Counselor to review your Financial Aid Award.
  7. Finalize Your Financial Aid