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Emory & Henry College accepts The Common Application Emory & Henry College maintains a rolling admissions policy. Apply for undergraduate admission as early as possible using either our Emory & Henry application or The Common Application (both are free)! Start your application today for fall 2024. Applications for fall 2024 are now open on the E&H application and Common App.

Accepted undergraduate students, submit your enrollment deposit and complete next steps.

Select your student type: 

  • First-Year (Freshman) Student

    All students attending college for the first time. If you are a first-year student use the first-year application! Not ready to apply? Schedule a visit or request more information.

    E&H Online Application

    Common Application

  • Transfer Student

    All students attending a community college or another 4-year institution seeking to transfer to Emory & Henry College. Not sure what the steps are? Schedule a visit with our Director of Transfers and have all your questions answered.

    E&H Online Application

    Common Application

  • International Student

    International students, both those who are First-Year and Transfer students, wishing to attend Emory & Henry College are students who are not United States Citizens or Permanent Residents. *If you are living outside the United States and have Dual Citizenship you will be considered a Domestic First-Year (Freshman) student.

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  • Concurrent Admission

    Emory & Henry College has Concurrent Admission Agreements with the following community colleges to provide a pathway for students to earn four-year degrees.

    E&H Application

  • Re-Admit, Special & Other Students

    Re-Admit students are those who have previously attended Emory & Henry College and are seeking to be re-admitted to continue their studies. Special and Other Students include students who would be Dual-Enrolled, Non-degree and/or auditing a class on campus.

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  • Graduate Student (M.A.Ed., MBA, M.Ed., M.A.Col.)

    Emory & Henry College offers several graduate student programs located on our main campus.

    E&H Online Graduate Application

    American History (M.A.Ed): The American history program meets the Virginia requirements for eligibility to teach Advanced Placement (AP), concurrent enrollment, and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses in American history at the high school level as well as first-year and sophomore courses at college level. 

    Business Administration (MBA): Using a cohort and hybrid model, as well as pathway-specific courses, this hybrid MBA program will provide graduates with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to guide organizations of all types into the future.

    Professional Studies Master in Education (M.Ed): The professional studies master in education (M.Ed.) program provides students with routes to licensure while also earning a master’s degree. Options include the online fast-track - professional studies M.Ed., 5th-year master’s program - professional studies M.Ed. and the special education additional endorsement - professional studies M.Ed. 

    5-Year B.A./M.A. in Community & Organizational Leadership (M.A.COL): Undergraduate students can receive a B.A. in their chosen field and obtain an M.A.COL degree in just one additional year. This interdisciplinary Master’s degree will prepare students for leadership positions in a variety of organizations, including non-profits and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government agencies, community organizations as well as private companies. Degrees in the social sciences are particularly relevant, but the program is open to any Emory & Henry student who meets the requirements.

  • School of Health Sciences (MOT, MPAS, OTD, MS-CMHC)

    Our graduate school located at the School of Health Sciences on our Marion Campus offers four graduate degrees: 

    *See individual programs for specific applications and requirements

  • School of Nursing: RN-BSN and MSN

    RN-BSN Program:

    NursingCAS Application

    Students applying for the RN to BSN Program should be on track to achieve their RN licensure before enrollment in the program. Students may be currently working toward an RN licensure or concurrently enrolled.

    • The next cohort for RN-BSN starts in the spring 2024 term and the application is now available.
    • The fall 2024 cohort application goes live on September 1, 2023.

    See the individual program pages for specific admission requirements.

    Students interested in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program should apply through the first-year or transfer student application. Nursing credits are not applicable to be transferred at this time toward a BSN.

    MSN Program:

    NursingCAS Application

    The Master of Science in Nursing program will begin accepting applications for fall 2024 on September 1, 2023.

    See the individual program pages for specific admission requirements.

Emory & Henry College allows for the application of undocumented students and will review for admission along with our standard admissions policies. The student will be eligible for Academic Merit Scholarships, but no other funding Federal, State (unless the laws change) or other institutional aid (unless a recipient of our Bonners program.)

We are accepting applications for the next enrollment term.

Scholarships: Applying now allows our admission and financial aid experts to provide you with an academic merit award, and allows you to audition for performance and affinity scholarships and other awards.

We view each applicant holistically: meaning that we’re interested in everything you’ve worked on and accomplished during your life and high school experiences. We are continuing to be test-score optional and do not require an application fee or essay. You can start applying now!

Housing Choice: Students who apply early and submit their enrollment deposit early are placed into first-choice rooms and housing.

Registration Days: After applying and submitting your enrollment deposit, you’ll be able to RSVP for our Registration Days. Meet your advisor and get your preferred classes. 

File FAFSA®: Once you apply, you should file FAFSA® (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) with code 003709 to qualify for grants, work-study or loans.

Application & Deposit Deadlines

Fall Enrollment:

  • Early Action I - November 15
  • Early Action II - January 15
  • Regular Decision - April 1
  • Transfer Application - July 15
  • First-Year Application - July 24
  • Enrollment Deposit - August 1
  • Transfer Enrollment Deposit - August 1

Spring Enrollment:

  • Early Action 1 - November 15
  • Regular Decision - December 1
  • Transfer Application - December 1
  • Enrollment Deposit - December 15
  • Transfer Enrollment Deposit - December 15