Campus Dining

Dining is an enjoyable experience on the E&H campus with many options to choose from, and our range of meal plan options allows you to choose the dining program that best meets your needs.

The deadline to change your meal plan was on the Add/Drop date. We are not accepting requests to change meal plans at this time.

Residential Student Meal Plan

  • 19-Meal Plan: 19 Meals per week plus $260 Flex Cash and $250 OneCard Cash: $6,860 per year (default meal plan)
  • 14-Meal Plan: 14 Meals per week plus $300 Flex Cash and $250 OneCard Cash: $6,640 per year
  • 10-Meal Plan: 10 Meals per week plus $300 Flex Cash, $250 OneCard Cash: $5,620 per year (Requires junior or senior status living in the Village Townhouses only.)

All residential students are required to have a meal plan.
For the most updated costs, please see the Tuition & Fees page. 

Commuter Meal Plan

  • 5 Meals per week plus $250 Flex Cash and $250 OneCard Cash: $2,250 per year (Commuting students only eligible)

Flex Dollars

Flex Dollars may be used at Sodexo venues (Van Dyke dining hall, The Hut, Stinger’s Café & Simply To Go).

E&H OneCard Cash

  • OneCard Cash is dollar-for-dollar funds that come with every meal plan. These can be used at Van Dyke Center in the Dining Hall and at Stinger’s Café/Hometown Express or at Simply To Go in McGlothlin-Street Hall.
  • OneCard Cash is also usable for a variety of purposes outside of meal plans such as the Emory Mercantile & Bookstore, DJ’s Pizza in Glade Spring and printing.

Adding Funds

Students, Faculty, Staff can visit the online portal to add money to your OneCard Cash through GET Funds Cash app ($10.00 minimum).

 Add money to OneCard Cash

Parents, Guardians or other relatives and friends can also deposit into a student’s account ($10.00 minimum). *You will need to know the student ID #

Deposit into a Student Account

Funds are posted on the day after Add/Drop.