Degrees & Requirements

Minor Requirements

ANSC 100 (Intro), 200 (Anatomy), 301 (Genetics), and 300 (Nutrition) would be required.  To complete the minor students would take either ANSC 400 (health) or 470 (Internship).

ANSC 100    Intro to Animal Science

The use of animals in relation to agriculture and to the health and nutrition of a modern society. Livestock terminology, selection, reproduction, nutrition, management, marketing, and species characteristics of beef and dairy cattle, swine, sheep, goats and horses. 4 credit hours. (lecture and lab)

ANSC 200    Domestic Animal Anatomy and Physiology

This course is designed to review the anatomy of domestic farm animals. This course is also designed to discuss the physiology of the various systems in common to all species and the differences in form and function where they exist. 4 credit hours. (lecture and lab)

ANSC 300    Animal Nutrition & Feeding

Digestive anatomy of various species and the classes of nutrients including their digestion, metabolism and sources. Nutrient requirements and feeding standards for livestock, companion animals, exotics and aquatics for purposes of reproduction, lactation, growth, work and maintenance. Classes of feedstuffs, their characteristics, proper utilization, formulating rations and nutritional programs for animal enterprise. 4 credit hours. (lecture and lab)

ANSC 301    Animal Breeding & Genetics

Evaluation and selection of beef cattle, sheep, and swine:  critical analysis of performance records and genetic evaluations. Selection systems used in the improvement of domestic animals with an emphasis on livestock. 4 credits. (lecture and lab)

ANSC 400    Animal Health & Disease

Basic herd health including vaccinations and parasite control for domestic animals.  Characteristics, symptoms and prevention of disease for domestic animals will be covered. 3 credits.

ANSC 470 Animal Science Internship

Students will complete required internship hours shadowing in both large animal and small animal veterinary practices. 3 credit hours.