Students have the opportunity to participate in ongoing department research or design their own projects as part of E&H’s Ampersand Program or the Honor’s program .  

Dr. Patty Graham-Thiers, who oversees the research program, has an interest in Equine Nutrition and Exercise Physiology.  Recent projects completed in conjunction with students include the effect of a hay or hay/grain diet on nitrogen balance, amino acid profiles and gut micro-flora.  Other projects have also evaluated the timing of feeding on protein status as well as the effect of intensity of exercise on protein status.

Recent Student Projects

Mandy Snow ’18 Evaluated the effects of aging on fitness comparing aged horses to younger horses.

Nicole Powell ’16 (Biology) Evaluated the effect of Enrichment (environmental stimulus such as a toy) on cortisol levels in horses.

Anna Green ’15 (Biology) Evaluated antibiotic resistance of the gut microflora in horses.