• Two E&H ROTC students with American and Virginia flags

Higher education with an emphasis on military leadership.

The Military Science program is a cooperative enterprise among E&H, East Tennessee State University (ETSU), and the United States Army. The ETSU Professor of Military Science serves as the department chair. The program is designed to develop the students’ managerial and leadership abilities, introduce students to the mission and organization of the United States Army and prepare advanced-course students for service as commissioned officers in the Active Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard.


  • Military Science- Four-Year Program

    To receive a commission in the United States Army through the military science program, a student must successfully complete 14 credits of courses at the basic level (1200 or 2100 courses), 19 credits at the advanced level (3100 or 4100 courses) and ROTC Advanced Camp (6 credits). Equivalency credit may be given for the basic level courses for those Cadets who are (1) veterans, (2) graduates of junior ROTC programs, or (3) graduates of the ROTC Leaders Training Course.

  • Military Science- Minor

    The Military Science minor includes the commissioning option (25 credits) and the non-commissioning option (18 credits).

  • Military Science- Two-Year Program

    The two-year program course sequence requires 31 credits of basic level, advanced level and ROTC Advanced Camp credits.