Why Physics at E&H?

Students work with a speed of light experiment.

At Emory & Henry, we allow students to learn physics by doing physics.

We keep lectures to a minimum. Our general physics course and many of our advanced courses are based on the philosophy that you must construct your own understanding. Instructors work with teams and individuals, asking questions, helping you to solve problems, and offering guidance. 

As a physics student you will
  • work in teams in the laboratory using an activity guide that asks you to make predictions
  • carry out experiments,
  • analyze the results, 
  • write about the experimental process, and
  • communicate about science to various audiences.

In advanced courses such as analytical mechanics, modern physics, and electronics, a significant part of class time is spent working complex problems at the board, hooking up circuits, performing computer analyses, and maintaining a complete laboratory notebook.

Physics Bachelors 1 year later

Physics Bachelors follow many different paths after graduation. Some enter the workforce to find employment in a wide range of career fields while others continue their studies in graduate school.


Source of graph: aip.org/statistics