Why Women & Gender Studies at E&H?

A background in Women & Gender Studies can support careers in health professions, law, business, education, public policy and many more.

Making an Impact

A person’s gender identity/identities are central to their understandings of themselves and their world.  In western societies, children are usually assigned a gender at birth. This categorization is reinforced in countless ways, through gendered clothing and toys, by other children in schools and playgrounds, by parental and social expectations, by the stories we’re read or shown, by the advertising we see.  Gender and sexuality are all around us at all times, even (or perhaps especially) when we don’t see it.

Gender and sexual identity have a powerful impact on virtually everything you’ll do in life, from the people you’ll find attractive, to the jobs you’ll take, to the way your doctor treats you, to what bathroom you can use.

Student Involvement

Outside the classroom, you’ll find many ways to be part of the community through service learning, campus clubs, and outside projects.  You can join the Women’s Student Union or the “Read of Our Own” gender reading group. You can attend and/or design your own gender-related Lyceum programs.  You can work with staff at the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging to create new on- and off-campus programming.

In past years, students have: