Academic Programs

An important component of the E&H emphasis on civic engagement are two unique degree programs that help students deepen their understanding and application of citizenship, activism, and leadership.

We offer two degree programs that relate directly to our unique emphasis on civic engagement – a bachelor’s degree in Civic Innovation and a master’s degree in Community and Organizational Leadership. Both programs ask students to grapple with the most pressing questions of the social world and push them to embrace opportunities to think critically about what our obligations and responsibilities are as citizens of any place.

Civic Innovation

Civic Innovation provides an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of public life and issues, including the dynamic interplay of the natural environment, the built environment, and human culture and history in places and the role of that interplay in developing innovative solutions to civic issues and problems.

Master’s Degree in Community and Organizational Leadership (M.A.COL)

The Community and Organizational Leadership Program is no longer accepting applications.

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to receive a B.A. in their chosen field and obtain a Master’s degree in Community and Organizational Leadership (M.A.COL) in just one additional year. This interdisciplinary Master’s degree will prepare students for leadership positions in a variety of organizations, including non-profits and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government agencies, community organizations as well as private companies.