UPDATE: Math Placement Test No Longer Required

The math placement test is no longer a requirement due to an update to the math curriculum for fall 2023. 

The Math Department has made changes to decrease the need for math placement. The Math Department is offering a new math course for STEM students for students taking Chem/Bio 100. All sections including Calc I, II and Precalc are offered at the same time. Courses of varying difficulty are available. 

When you meet your academic advisor for course scheduling, your advisor will place you in the appropriate math course. The following resources are helpful when meeting with the advisor, but not required.

  • AP Exam score(s) from an AP math-related course (not required)
  • SAT and/or ACT official test scores can be provided (not required)


  • Your advisor is available to work with you on course selection. Check your E&H email account for messages from your advisor. A virtual meeting will be scheduled for first-year students the week following your attendance at Summer Experience Day. For transfer/exchange students, your advising appointment is based on your academic area of interest and will be scheduled either the week of July 10-14 or July 17-21.
  • Contact Mathematics Professor Dr. Teena Carroll (ccarroll@ehc.edu) with math placement questions.
  • Contact Registrar Shannon Patterson (spatterson@ehc.edu) with course registration questions. 


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