Pre- and Post Award

Pre-Award OSP and the Office of the Provost wants to know all grant applications If the potential award is less than $5000 and does not require a match, please use this form to inform us. If the potential award is more than $5000 and/or requires a match, or if funds involve other institutions, you must follow the intent to apply and application processes. In this process, we help you and Emory & Henry obtain successful awards that support the mission and the vision of the college.

Post-Award: We are excited to know about all awarded funding and want to track all of our successful grant awards, no matter how small or large the award is. Please email a final copy of your award including your award letter, approved budget, grant narrative, and all associated documents to grantmanagement@ehc.edu. Please also email a copy of all interim and final reports to grantmanagement@ehc.edu so that we may have a complete file for your award. With this information we help you and the college with award management.

Dr. Michael Puglisi is our authorized signatory officials for federal and federal flow through grant submissions and awards. For all other all other funding sources, Dr. Michael Puglisi is the authorized signatory official for the main campus, and Dr. Lou Fincher for the School of Health Sciences.

Award Management

We have a special set of policies for federal awards, and awards involving federal flow through funds. If you are applying for a federal grant or a grant involving federal flow through funds, please review them. 

For all other awards, the policies concerning award management are outlined in the current Emory & Henry Employee Manual and Emory & Henry Business Policies.