Talk Shows

Engaging, Informative and Insightful

A wide range of WEHC talk shows provides listeners with locally sourced programming that seeks to connect the people of Southwest Virginia to the larger issues of our region and our world. Show hosts are passionate, both about the topics they cover and the people who are affected by them.

  • All Things Considered: Weekdays, 4-6pm

    Get the best of NPR news for two hours every weekday. All Things Considered hosts Robert Siegel, Michele Norris, and Melissa Block present the program’s trademark block of news, interviews, commentaries, reviews, and off-beat features.

  • Attacking Faulty Reasoning: Sunday 1pm

    Dr. Ed Damer and Dr. Taylor Stone, both professors of Philosophy, present Attacking Faulty Reasoning, a show that addresses the problem of bad or irrational thinking not only in our personal lives but even more so in our public and private discourse and how to learn how to reason well and recognize our own faulty reasoning and or the bad reasoning of others and how to effectively address it. 

  • Farm Talk-Wednesday 1pm

    Join Washington County Virginia Agricultural Extension, Agent Phil Blevins on “Farm Talk” as he discusses topics you should know about, and answers your questions! That’s “Farm Talk” with Phil Blevins, Wednesdays at 1:00 pm on WEHC and WISE-FM

    Email your questions:

    Or call: 276-944-6933

  • Keys to the Game: Monday 6:00pm

    Join host Gary Lester as he speaks with Head Football Coach Curt Newsome each week about E&H Football and where they are in the season. For shows from 2022 Subscribe to Apple Podcasts and Spotify. For older shows Visit Archive

  • On the Duck Pond Wall: Tuesday 6:30 pm/Sunday at Noon.

    WEHC is pleased to bring you On the Duck Pond Wall in a partnership with the Emory & Henry Alumni Office. Host Monica Hoel, Director of Alumni Affairs at the College, will reconnect with just a a few of the alumni that make E&H proud. Join her Tuesday at 6:30 pm, and Sunday at Noon.  Subscribe to the podcast

  • Poets and Writers: Tuesday 6pm/Sunday 12:30pm

    Henry McCarthy believes that we write poems in our hearts and are often afraid to share. The purpose of the show is to promote community among poets and writers–particularly the “little people.”  Subscribe to the podcast

  • She Walks: Wednesday 2pm

    She Walks is hosted by Rev. Sharon Bowers and Carleigh Blaylock who look at various subjects through an intersectional feminist lens. We are life-long learners and consult experts to learn more about our communities and ourselves. We commonly discuss matters related to gender & gender expression, race, sexuality, class, equity, justice and the multidimensional lived experiences of women.  Subscribe to the podcast.  

  • This Conversation: Wednesday 6pm/Sunday 2pm

    Teresa Keller,  founder and former General Manager of WEHC and Carnegie Foundation/CASE Virginia Professor of the Year, introduces a program where it’s time to talk. On This Conversation, audiences will get to meet fascinating people with interesting stories to tell. Ranging from a local or someone across the globe, you’re guaranteed to be intrigued in whatever conversation is happening.  Click here for show archives

  • Together to Get There: Wednesday 6:30pm/Sunday 2:30pm

    This show is dedicated to a dialogue about the economic challenges and opportunities facing Southwest Virginia. The show explores many ways people are joining energies and resources to grow the economy and improve lives throughout the region. Hosted by Dirk Moore.  Subscribe to the podcast.  

  • Two Worlds, One Country: Thursday 6:30 pm/Sunday 1:30pm

    Do you sometimes despair about how divided our nation has become? Are you struggling to understand how things got this way, and why? Would you like to join others in working towards solutions? If you said yes, join host Anthony Flaccavento for “Two Worlds, One Country: Understanding and Overcoming the Rural/Urban Divide”. He is joined by many of the leading doers and thinkers from across the country and they dive into the causes of the divide and explore how to overcome it. Thursday at 6:30 and Sunday at 1:30. Subscribe to the podcast!