Outdoor Recreation

Rafting trip

The Emory & Henry Outdoor Program offers an adventure spectrum that is truly far and wide – from backpacking and hiking to rock climbing, paddling, winter sports and caving.

Kayaking & Rafting

Whether you are paddling for the first time or you are a class IV boater, the Emory & Henry Outdoor Program can bring you to the fulfilling experience that is available on the creeks and rivers of Southern Appalachia.

Rock Climbing

Celebrating its mental and physical rewards, rock climbing is an exciting part of the Adventure and Leadership Program at Emory & Henry.

Hiking & Backpacking

The Emory & Henry Outdoor Program believes that to walk and be still in the woods are two of the most worthy activities in which an individual may engage.

Disc Golf

The eighteen-hole Emory & Henry Disc Golf Course was built in the summer of 2006 by a coalition of student, faculty and staff volunteers. The course quickly became a popular activity. The course winds through the woods that surround Emory & Henry’s campus including some of the best views of campus. A variety of holes makes this a challenging and fun activity for all skill levels.

Winter Sports

Winter weather is great for outdoor adventure, and January and February are some of the most exciting and busy months in the E&H Outdoor Program.