Costa Rica - SOCI 260 + CORE 240 Studies in Culture - NEXT OFFERING: Fall 2024

Costa Rica is a model for environmental sustainability, not only for Central America but for the world. According to the United Nations Environment Program, more than 98% of the energy generated in the country is from renewables, 53% of the country is now forested in efforts to reverse decades of deforestation, and more than a quarter of the land has been converted to national parks and reserves (United Nations Environment Program 2019). The country also has an interesting history in that it was spared some of the worst effects of colonization and ended up developing small- and medium-sized businesses which are the backbone of the agricultural industry (coffee, bananas). The country is also renowned for its commitment to peace—abolishing the military in 1949—and to the democratic process, with consistently high turnouts in national elections. Socially the country is committed to education and has made some strides in gender equality. This educational experience is designed to introduce students to Costa Rica’s cultural and historical background, to explore the effects of ecotourism as an economic development strategy on urban and rural communities, and to investigate how gender and sexuality operate in a country positioned between the Global North and South. This study abroad experience will also allow students to explore the meaning of global citizenship and reflect on their own personal growth as a result of this experience.

In this short-term study abroad experience, we will visit the capital city of San Jose, coffee and chocolate production sites, the Copay Learning Center for a service learning project, and enjoy the amazing natural attractions such as the rainforest, wildlife, and waterfalls!

Next Offering: Fall 2022

Study Abroad Dates:  Winter Term 2022

Estimated cost: Estimated $3500

Included: Airfare, Accommodations, Some Meals, Entrance Fees, Excursions, Ground Transportation, Medical Insurance.

Not included: Passport, Spending Money, Some meals, Immunizations

Meets Core Curriculum requirements: Global Citizenship Study Abroad

Prerequisites:  Permission of instructor.

Professor: Dr. Shelley Koch & Dr. Ed Davis

Enroll in these courses:

SOCI 260: Studies in Culture (3 credit hours)

CORE 240: Study Abroad Costa Rica (1 credit hour)

Application Deadline: May 1, 2022

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Costa Rica