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Engage the world. Explore other cultures. Enhance your future.

 Welcome! Bienvenue! Bienvenidos! مرحبا! Willkommen! Karibu! 欢迎!  Vítejte! Boyeyi bolamu! ようこそ! Swaagat! Murakaze! Bhali karay aaya! خوش آمدید! Namaste!*

At Emory & Henry,  International Education is more than study abroad.  As part of its mission, Emory & Henry College educates global citizens in an environment of comprehensive internationalization. 

Please visit us in McGlothlin-Street Hall - Room 140

Fall 2023 Office Hours - Outside of these hours, please contact

Monday: 9 - 11 am; 1 - 3 pm

Tuesday: 12 - 5 pm

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Friday: 9 - 11 am; 1 - 3 pm

Global citizenship is infused into every part of campus life including the core curriculum and extracurricular activities. Emory & Henry College’s comprehensive internationalization is driven by the universal belief that global citizenship education and cultural exchange are essential to peaceful human relations and fundamental human rights.

Where In the world is E&H?

Since 1836, Emory & Henry has sought to educate students to gain insight into global issues and politics, knowledge of how society is shaped and governed, and a realization that they can effect positive change in their world. Click on a location to see what E&H is doing there.

*The Welcome Message includes the languages from the home countries of our international students.

  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/716-do-i-need-to-have-a-certain-gpa-to-study-abroad">Do I need to have a certain GPA to study abroad?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Emory & Henry College requires students to have at least a 2.75 <abbr title="Grade Point Average">GPA</abbr> for short-term study abroad and a 3.0 GPA for semester study abroad.  However, some programs may require a <abbr title="Grade Point Average">GPA</abbr> of 3.0 or higher.  Check the program’s website for specific information.</div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/714-what-is-the-deadline-for-applying-for-semester-or">What is the deadline for applying for semester or summer abroad?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Emory & Henry College requires every student planning to study abroad for a semester or summer to complete the <a href="">Application to Study Abroad for a Summer/Semester</a>, submit faculty reference forms, and participate in a personal interview with the International Education Advisory Committee.  <strong>The application is due November 1 before the academic year in which the student is planning to study abroad. <br/><br/></strong> Additionally, outside programs also have their own application deadlines. Check the information for the program you are interested in.<strong><br/></strong></div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/708-how-do-i-apply-for-semester-or-summer-study-abroad">How do I apply for semester or summer study abroad?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Emory & Henry College requires every student planning to study abroad for a semester or summer to complete the <a href="">Application to Study Abroad for a Summer/Semester,</a> submit faculty reference forms, and participate in a personal interview with the International Education Advisory Committee.</div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/715-what-is-the-deadline-for-applying-for-eamph-abroad">What is the deadline for applying for E&H Abroad faculty-led courses?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">The deadline for E&H Abroad courses with May study abroad is November 1; for December study abroad April 15; and for spring break study abroad October 1. Each course has its own application which can be found using the menu to the left.</div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/724-do-i-have-to-speak-another-language-to-study">Do I have to speak another language to study abroad?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">No. Most programs do not require knowledge of a second language and offer courses in English. However, foreign language immersion is available Check out the <a href="">Semester Abroad & Summer Abroad</a> page for options.</div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/713-when-should-i-start-planning-for-study-abroad">When should I start planning for study abroad?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer"> It is never too early.  If you plan to study abroad, meet with a representative of the Office of International Education asap. You must apply for semester/summer abroad by Dec. 1 the year prior to study. </div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/717-how-much-will-it-cost">How much will it cost?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer"><div class="deswrap"><div id="faq_description_1029285"><div class="faq_desc"><p> Please do not think you cannot study abroad due to cost. If you are approved for a semester exchange program, you pay regular <abbr title="Emory & Henry College">E&H</abbr> tuition and housing to the facility abroad. Depending up on your financial situation, you may still receive federal, state, and college financial aid (though work-study cannot be awarded.) Any of the program costs beyond regular tuition are your responsibility. Airfare is not included in semester abroad program fees and some program fees do not include meals. Travel grants are available for students based on financial need. </p><p> For summer study abroad, you are responsible for the entire cost of the program, although you may apply for student loans.  There are outside scholarships and grants available for summer study.  Check out the finances page for more information. </p><p> For Emory & Henry Abroad courses, you are responsible for an additional fee to cover travel expenses. If adding the EA course puts you 1 credit over 18 credit hours, the overload fee will be waived. Review <a href="/international-education/finances/">Finances</a> for more information. </p></div></div></div><h3 class="title_1119219">  </h3></div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/722-what-courses-can-i-take-abroad">What courses can I take abroad?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Courses are available in practically every discipline, depending on your program. Most programs offer a variety of courses as well as language classes. See specific programs for details.</div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/721-what-will-my-living-arrangement-be-when-i-am">What will my living arrangement be when I am abroad?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Depending on the program, you will stay with a local family or live in a dorm or apartment near the university. Be sure to look at the living arrangements when exploring programs. Room and board is included in some, but not all, program fees.</div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/720-how-do-grades-transfer-back-to-eamph">How do grades transfer back to E&H?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer"><p> Grades earned at universities other than E&H are treated as transfer credit. You must earn a grade of C or equivalent to receive transfer credit. Such grades are noted as P (Pass) on your E&H transcript and are NOT calculated into your overall GPA. </p><p> Any course taught by E&H faculty will result in grades that DO appear on your E&H transcript and will be calculated into your overall GPA.</p></div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/725-where-should-i-ask-for-help">Where should I ask for help?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Contact <a href=""></a> or visit MS 140 with any questions.</div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/723-what-documents-do-i-need-to-study-abroad">What documents do I need to study abroad?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer"><p><strong>Passport</strong>: You will need a passport to leave the country. Apply as soon as possible; currently, it can take up to10-12 weeks to receive a passport after completing the application. You can apply at most post offices and other government offices. For more information, visit the <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">U.S. Department of State’s Passport website.</a> In the Emory area, you can apply for a passport at the Abingdon and Chilhowie post offices. You can get passport photos at CVS, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens.</p><p><strong>Visa:</strong> Some countries require that you obtain a visa for entry. The Office of International Education or the program where you are accepted will advise you on the visa process.</p></div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/718-will-courses-i-take-abroad-transfer-to-emory-amp">Will courses I take abroad transfer to Emory & Henry</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Yes, but you must plan ahead. Once you and your <abbr title="Emory & Henry College">E&H</abbr> academic advisor have decided which courses you will take during your time abroad, complete the Transfer Credit Approval Form and get the necessary signatures. You must earn a grade of C or equivalent in your course in order for them to transfer to E&H.</div></aside>