Room Selection

Want to make sure you get into your preferred housing space next year? Room Selection is our formal process for students selecting spaces for the following academic year. 

Room Selection takes place in March. Students will start to receiving information about this process during the month of February.  Rising seniors, juniors and sophomores will select their housing preference based on a random number that is selected for them. These numbers are selected based on the number of credit hours the student has completed. Students will select spaces based on availability.

If a student does not get into their desired location and once all students have selected a room, they may opt in for our Housing Wait List. Being on this list will inform our staff that the students wants to move to a new space and we will attempt to accommodate if a space becomes available. Being on our waitlist does not guarantee you will receive the space you desire.

Students who have medical accommodations need to meet with Travis Proffitt or Amanda Fenner of Disability Support Services located in Wiley Hall in the Paul Adrian Powell, III Student Success Center in order to make sure their accommodation needs are met.