Steps for Study Abroad

Where do I start?

Step 1: Explore Programs Available

Look at the E&H International Education website to explore programs.

Step 2: Visit the Office of International Education in MS 140

Services We Provide:

  • Advising in selection of a program that suits your personal and academic needs
  • Guidance and resources for travel, work, and volunteer opportunities
  • Advising on differences in educational systems and how to prepare for study abroad
  • Emory & Henry forms, handbooks, and orientation materials
  • Information about the costs of your program
  • Advising on Emory & Henry College application procedures
  • Pre-Departure Session and Guides

Services We Do Not Provide:

  • Making travel arrangements
  • Choosing your program
  • Choosing your housing
  • Mailing/submitting your application to the program
  • Obtaining your passport and visa
  • Arranging your financial aid (See CSA Office)
  • To make an appointment with a global ambassador click here.

Step 3: Meet with your Academic Advisor

Determine what semester would be best for your study abroad. Pay close attention to making sure you are able to complete your core and major requirements. Discuss which location and program would fit best with your professional and personal goals. For more information on choosing programs see How to Choose a Program. Make a note of the program and scholarship application deadlines.

Step 4: Meet with the Financial Aid Office

Take the cost sheet for your program to the Financial Aid Office and inquire about how your financial aid will work for the semester abroad. You must do this BEFORE you apply for study abroad. Become familiar with the financial process of semester abroad found here.

Step 5: Complete the Applications

There are two application processes for you to complete:

  1. The Application to Study Abroad through the Office for International Education—Due December 1 during the academic year prior to study. The college must approve this application before you can study abroad for a semester. You will be notified by Feb. 15. Do not apply directly to a program before you are approved by E&H.
  2. The programmatic application that your provider requires—these deadlines vary and you are responsible for meeting this deadline. If you are approved by E&H, confirm the deadlines of the program, as well as any scholarship deadlines of which you need to be aware. Generally, applications for fall programs are due in March and applications for spring programs are due in October, though deadlines may vary.

Step 6: Obtain Travel Documents

You will need a valid passport from the U.S. Department of State to travel outside the United States. Obtaining a passport is your responsibility. It can take up to twelve weeks to process a passport application, but please be aware that the process may take longer, especially during peak travel times. Many local post offices will accept applications for passports. In the Emory area, you can apply for a passport at the Abingdon post office. Some countries require an entrance visa as well.

Step 7: Transfer Credit Approval

If you were approved for study abroad, complete the Transfer Credit Approval Form found at the CSA Office or online. This form MUST BE completed BEFORE you leave campus the semester prior to your time abroad.

Step 8: Make Preparations

The program to which you apply and the E&H OIE will make you aware of any entry visa requirements for your program. You cannot apply for a visa until the program provides you with a letter of acceptance and most visa applications will not be accepted if more than three months prior to the time of study. Carefully read the Semester/Summer Pre-Departure Guide for more details. The semester prior to your departure, you will be required to attend a Pre-Departure session with the OIE.

At this point, you also need to consider airline reservations, packing, budgeting, and other matters associated with spending a semester abroad. These matters are discussed in detail in the Pre-Departure Guide.