First-Year Advising

Emory & Henry students in the classroom.

We’re so excited you’ve joined the Emory & Henry family.

Welcome, and let’s get started!

The Office of First-Year Advising is here to make sure your journey at Emory & Henry begins with a strong start.  Your advisor is available to help you discuss academic and career goals, build your course schedules, and help you navigate life as a new college student.  Your advisor will build a relationship with you and will serve as a primary resource for you during your first year.

Emory and Henry student in class.

E&H students measure the number and diversity of stream dwellers to assess water quality.

Who is my first-year academic advisor?

We’re so excited you’re beginning your academic journey at Emory & Henry College! Your first-year academic advisor is determined by the academic area or major you indicated when you signed up for a summer orientation/pre-registration event. Your advisor will be able to help you get a strong start in your intended major and help you decide your future direction if you’re still exploring your options!