Editing your profile on the Emory & Henry College Website is easy and anyone listed in the directory can edit and update their information as often as they like. 

If you do not see your profile or are not displaying a result in the directory on the website, please contact the Web Content Coordinator Billy Chandler at

Basics for editing your profile

1. Login to the website.

  • Use the “Editor Login” button in the website footer, or login directly here
  • Use your Emory & Henry College username (no and password to login.
  • Once logged in, you’ll be brought to your profile and can begin editing. 
  • If you ARE a website editor: You will be taken to the Dashboard, from there click on your name in the upper right corner and click on the drop-down “Edit my public profile”.
  • If you are NOT a website editor: You will be automatically taken directly to your profile.

2. Fill out your profile.

  • Fill in all relevant information, including office location, about me, education, research, etc.
  • It’s best practices to use a bulleted list when you have a long list of publications, awards, exhibitions/performances, or research.

3. Changing your profile photo

  • Need a headshot? Contact the Office of Marketing and Communications and submit a request or attend an upcoming photo event held during the opening of the college activities.
  • To edit your photo, simply click on your photo in the profile editor.
  • This will bring up a pop-up screen where you can: click the crop icon to crop your headshot, click the gear icon to remove the current photo, upload photos from your computer using the “Upload Images”, or search your image library on the right and select a photo.

4. Save your profile

  • Scroll to the bottom and make sure to “Save this profile” 
  • You can also click “Save and Go to Profile” to save and also preview what your profile will look like.